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Hi! I'm Libertad Neves, a Motion Graphics designer located in London.

Born in Andalucía, I moved to the UK early teenager, where I was introduced to Creative Media and soon developed a particular interest in different areas of this subject. 

With a passion for abstract art and mystical imagery.

Created a variety of projects from title sequences, music videos, branding and more.

I am interested in creating videos to be showcased in exhibition environments, especially immersive exhibitions.

About: Biografía


Combination of the Latin words Tempus /ˈtem.pus/ and Spatium /ˈ


Tempustium is a Motion Graphics brand created by Libertad Neves to showcase and promote her work.

As the name and the logo hints, there is a special connection with Time & Space, the principal base of Motion Design.  

It is open to various work styles and topics; however, it specialises in creative concepts from an abstract perspective.

Mainly 2D-based, focusing on visually and musically overlaying information to create dreamy pieces that aim to connect with the audience's core.

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