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Motion Typography

Ravensbourne Yr3

For this project, we have been asked to create a brief to create a typographic motion piece.

We were "required to produce a piece of motion graphic work that explores the use of typography, either on its own or as the key element with other visual material."


Nombre del proyecto

Simulation of how it would look on one of the existing Cardcaptor Sakura Exhibition spaces.



I based my idea on an existing Cardcaptor Sakura exhibition and decided to create a 1-2 minute long video to be fitted in this space.

I aimed to create a typographic piece, using quotes as an abstract artistic element that could be readable and unreadable at times.

My biggest inspiration was the  'Curioser & Curioser' exhibition at the V&A. The way typography elements have been used in this exhibition sparked my creative thinking and made me want to experiment with how type can be used in different ways to create an immersive environment.



The style at this stage isn't fully developed, however, the video aims to have a dreamy and magical vibe to fit with the anime.

Final Script.JPG
D7E0B638-74F1-40D5-95AE-55AC95822688 (1).JPEG


Throughout the process of creating the video, the script changed several types. In the beginning, it was a bit too long, so I edited it to make emphasis and remove some repetition.

Initially, I planned to have the name of all the cards that appear in the anime and new Clear Card manga arc; however, it added much time both for the video and the process. In the end, I decided to include the elemental cards (The Windy, The Watery, The Firey, The Eathy) and The Light & The Dark.


After watching and analysing all of the openings, I noticed some exciting messages. The change of colour and intensity felt interesting, making the first opening have a playful child vibe compared to the latest one, which is mysterious and more going into adulthood. 

There are also repeating symbols, such as petals falling into the water creating a wave, flying petals, magic circles, the sky and mirroring reflections.

This realisation has influenced my design and is something I would like to reference in my video.

Type 1 (1).jpg
Type 4.jpg
Type 2 (1).jpg


As I wanted most of my design elements to be familiar resemblance with Cardcaptor Sakura's aesthetic, I looked up how typography has been used on the manga and anime. 


I soon realised that they use more font families than I expected. 

I'm the type of person who uses 1-2 families on a project, so realising how experimental Clamp is about the typography allowed me to experiment and be a lot more playful when designing the video.


Colour Palette

I took some stills from the manga and selected some of the colours, however, I didn't settle down for a colour palette in particular. 

As I want the type to blend with the background at some times, the colours will be influenced by the image on the scene.


Also, as seen in the image above, I've decided to meticulously select clips from the series to use in the video. 

Something I'm passionate about is over-layering images. I will use this style most times during the video to distort the existing images and create a surrealist, dreamlike sensation.

*The resolution is larger than usual (2560x1080) as it's intended to be used on a large screen at an exhibition environment.


This video doesn't have a specific narrative but instead follows some dreamy/surrealist path. For this reason, I've decided that some text would be easily readable and some won't. I plan to have some scenes where text would be displayed as background or as an almost hidden element to create depth.

I have selected some songs from the soundtrack and a short voice-over from the anime for the sound. This will be mixed to hold together and create an atmosphere for the video.

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